Choose Local – use Loakel!

Loakel is a local-only, web-based commerce network for local produce and handmade goods.

How does it work?

The items will be listed by the vendors, and will be visible on the pages for the type of item (Produce, Preserves…), as well as on the page for that vendor.

Vendor handing item to customer

Each vendor will have the opportunity to set predefined pickup points. For example, Vendor A might be at 123 Main Street every Thursday at 6:00 PM. Vendor A would accept orders until Thursday at 1:00 PM, then Customer B will meet them at 123 Main Street at 6:00 PM, pay via contact-free mobile payment and be on their way!

Does it cost money to use?

No. The platform will be free for the vendors and the customers. We at Redub Labs want to do our part to facilitate the growth (pun intended) of local farmers and crafters. As such, our platform will serve as the following:

  • A storefront for the customer to browse the vendor’s available items
  • A means for the customer to reserve the items for purchase at a designated pickup point
  • An inventory system that is manually decremented by the vendor after the customer receives their item

Keep in mind that the vendors are responsible for meeting all legal requirements regarding food safety, legality of items sold, and income reporting to the IRS. Loakel is not a vendor, has no inventory, and will handle no payment processing.

Where is Loakel?

We are starting out in Farmington, New Mexico. As the city is a commerce hub for the surrounding area, we expect vendors and customers to do business within a 50-100 mile radius of Farmington. Aztec, Bloomfield, Kirtland, Shiprock, Durango, Cortez and all nearby areas are welcome to participate in the Farmington zone.

Will you expand to other areas?

Yes, we anticipate doing so eventually, but there is no solid plan or time frame yet.

How do I list my items on Loakel?

Simple! Just fill out the new vendor sign-up form here: New Vendor Sign-up